Saturday, April 01, 2006

KBJ, Academic Lunatic, Irrelevant Philosopher

When KBJ, academic lunatic, writes this:
I hope you're reading my Brian Leiter blog every day. It's the hottest site in the blogosphere. (Please spread the word.) As the letters pour in from law professors, philosophy professors, practicing lawyers, law students, and philosophy students, you'll see what people really think of Leiter. He thinks he's an academic star, but in fact he's the laughingstock of his chosen disciplines (law and philosophy). Don't feel sorry for him. His reputation for being a clown and a thug is his own doing. He has almost single-handedly destroyed his career by abusing everyone who disagrees with him. I have many more posts to write detailing his abusiveness. My bulletin board is full of the names of his victims.
You have to wonder what planet he's on. First, does he know so little about the academic world that he honestly believes the emails he gets (one wonders how accurate his representation of them is) signify that Leiter is the "laughingstock of his chosen discipline," or that he has "almost single-handedly destroyed his career?" And then one can't help but feel the urge to ask KBJ how his own career got so far down the toilet drain.

Moonbatty KBJ

When KBJ, academic lunatic, calls fairly mainstream liberal Democrats "moonbats," I picture an elephant telling Barbara Streisand that she has a big nose.